How The Leap Year Throws Off The Calendar

If it wasn't for the leap year - calendar dates would be much simpler to understand. However, it wouldn't allow useful websites such as to help explain all of the madness :)

If the calendar was a simple 365 days, our lives would be more basic. We wouldn't have people that only have birthdays once every 4 years, and calendar makers could have a set amount of dates to print in each years calendar. However, that of course is not the case, as the leap year gives us 365.25 days in a calendar year.

Historical calendars are even more difficult to analyze as different areas of the world adopted the current calendar format at different times. Most countries today use the Gregorian format as opposed to the Julian format. And while we are taught that the leap year being once every four years means that each year is really .25 days longer; the Gregorian calendar accounts for the fact that a year is 11 minutes less than 365.25 days.

Either way, the leap year continues to fascinate us and its not going anywhere. And anyone who says we are open 24/7, 365 days a year, isn't really always open because the leap year throws the calendar out of whack!

For more info, review when the next leap year is along with past and future years which will be a leap year.